Pigeon Pilfer

Pigeon Pilfer is my solo stop-motion animated film from my final year at San Francisco State University. It was completed in May 2008 after four months of work with sixty pounds of modeling clay, a digital SLR camera, and one tiny hot room.

The story was inspired by a childhood trip to San Francisco where I was mobbed by pigeons at Pier 39. Having grown up in a relatively rural town I was unaccustomed to huge flocks of partially tame birds - so bold! The experience stuck with me till college when I returned to San Francisco to complete a degree in Cinema with an emphasis in animation.

The film was the start of my very short career in stop motion animation. The stop motion industry (what remained of it) had left the bay area by the time I graduated. I had no inclination to move to LA, so I did what any twenty-something in San Francisco tends to do and became a software developer.